Love Bug

Happy Valentine's Day! Lucy stuck with her Valentine's Day tradition by getting a double ear infection. Poor sweetie pie. Third year running she's been sick on Valentine's Day...odd, because she's typically a pretty healthy kid. She was a total trooper though. She actually went to school this morning but I had a hunch she wasn't quite right. Jason and I showed up the her party at 10:00 she was clearly not herself. Check out that second picture - no life in those eyes! She's on the mend though and is very happy to have another skip day tomorrow. Here's to hoping this is the end of winter sickness!


Lucy and I went on a little date to the cities today to see the play Llama Llama Red Pajama. It wasn't quite this mama's style, but Lucy really enjoyed it! Perfect for little ones actually. Lots of singing and lots of laughing. We haven't been to Stages Theater before - it was super nice and we'll definitely go back soon. After the play we went to see "baby" Molly. I think Lucy was a little shocked to see her running all over the place. She immediately decided she'd make sure Molly knew who was in charge by acting like a crazy 4 year old with an attitude. It didn't phase Molly though - she is just so sweet! When we said good-bye Lucy said maybe next time we could go swimming at a water park. Sounds good to me!


The Girls

We had a fun play date with the Woods last night. We had pizza then totally tore the playroom apart. The girls play pretty well together. Lucy has an issue pulling an "I'm 6 months older and going to boss you around" attitude. Hopefully this improves with time. The night was mostly filled with laughing and running in circles. If Audrey & Lucy had 3 foot long blond hair, they'd look like this. Quite a look, huh?


oh my...

I'm not sure how it's possibly been so long since my last post! My apologies! And I don't have any pictures to offer either...don't be too disappointed - I promise to get some up yet this week! Until then, a here's a great conversation from tonight. Lucy requested to watch a cartoon so I hit the "on demand" button and a preview for The Hangover 2 came on while I was searching for Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Stu: "This is a REAL tattoo!"
Lucy: "I'm going to get a real tattoo"
Me: "Oh, really? Of what?"
Lucy (quickly responds): "Ariel.
Me: "You know, a real tattoo never comes off so it has to be something that you really, really love"
Lucy (pauses briefly to think): "It doesn't come off?"
Me: "Nope"
Lucy: "Ariel. Definitely"


Mini Me

I knew I had seen that Christmas morning photo of Lucy somewhere before...



We're Off To See the Wizard...

Lucy's very first "friend" birthday party was today and it was a total success! We had it at a gymnastics gym which was awesome. The teachers held a really great class and all the girls did so well. There were 9 little girls in attendance - lots of little friends from school. They were all so cute and well behaved! The most adorable part was when Lucy was opening gifts - as soon as a each gift was revealed they all shrieked like teenagers. All the parents were cracking up. Oh - and it was a wizard of oz party - rainbows and glitter and gymnastics, oh my!


Birthday Kick-Off

Lucy kicked off her birthday weekend today with a day at the zoo with Daddy. She had fun, as always, and she told me her favorite animal was the reindeer and that one of them worked for Santa. Tonight we made cupcakes for her party. She is so good in the kitchen! She can crack eggs better than I can (see evidence below).

warming herself under the lights. such a weirdo.

cupcake pirate

mix, mix, mix

see? she takes after her great grandma jackie

i'm so excited to be four!


Ariel the Elf

I've been pulling the "Santa's watching you" card recently. A few nights ago Lucy was being a pill while I was trying to get her out the door at Nana & Papa's house. I told her that when auntie Meredith was little she was very naughty before Christmas. Her ears perked up. I had her attention. I went on to explain that when Santa came auntie Kristin and I got toys and Meredith got a lump a coal. She asks what a lump of coal is. I explain it's like a big black rock. Her response? "Oh. I'd play catch with it". Little stinker. Oh, and I should mention that although Meredith was definitely a naughty child, she never received coal in her stocking.
Next tactic: Elf on the Shelf. This thing is cute in a really creepy way. After meeting Audrey's elf "Tom" last weekend we picked up one of our own. Lucy named him "Ariel" (surprisingly not Rapunzel). The story goes that the elf keeps an eye on you and then goes to the North Pole each night and reports to Santa regarding your behavior. It's so cute when she wonders what the elf told Santa - she totally believes. We do have an issue though. We seemed to have picked a mischievous elf. Here he is the other morning making sugar snow angels. Lucy threatened to report this poor behavior to Santa...


Christmas is in full swing. I just gathered up twelve toy catalogs that were strewn around the house. Target is my arch nemesis. Lucy is the proud new owner of a red sweater with a big silver bow on it. And...the house smells like a pine tree. Oh, we also made cut-0ut cookies tonight. Lucy is WAY more into the fact that it's her birthday in 2 weeks than the whole Christmas thing but she did have fun doing some decorating. After hearing that Audrey had a special tree in her room, she had to have one too. And who can resist a baby pink tree? Not this mama. Here she is doing both trees. Those Wizard of Oz ornaments were from Grammy and are totally adorable and definitely her favorite. Have I mentioned she's Wizard of Oz obsessed right now? I had to refer to her as "Dorothy" for the majority of the weekend and I was either called "Toto" or "Munchkin". More Oz fun coming in the next couple weeks when this little lady turns FOUR!


"Mama! Snow!!!!!"

To quote Lucy - "I can't believe it SNOWED!". I've been dreading this day but seeing her eyes light up at the sight of it was pretty cute. She couldn't stop giggling. And then it was straight to the closet for snowpants, boots, mittens and a hat. She couldn't get outside quickly enough. My enthusiasm level wasn't quite so high but once we got out it was super fun. Luckily, for those of us that aren't 3, it's going to melt pretty quickly. Whew.


Halloween Breakfast

We found a creative way to use our Halloween candy: candy pancakes. To balance out the artificial colors we used organic whole wheat pancake mix. That makes this okay, right? We also ate them with a side of apples.

Lucy is getting really good in the kitchen. Most days, she would rather cook or bake than play so I'm trying to make a point of getting her in there as much as possible. Maybe we have a future chef on our hands? A candy pancake chef, of course.


Halloween 2011

In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines...the youngest one, was Madeline!

Yes - we stuck with our "favorite book" theme this Halloween - although she knew exactly what she wanted to be. And I must say...she was pretty darn cute. She got several "best costume of the night" remarks while out (thanks for the costume, Nana!). And she was very charming - "trick or treat! thank you! au revoir!".

checking out her cousin's costumes on Nana's phone